What Does Oklahoma Have To Offer?

If you are looking for an interesting place to visit or for a place to put down some roots, Oklahoma is well worth a visit. Located in the south-central United States, it has a lot to offer to those who enter its borders. When we take a look at the history, culture and the opportunity for work in the state, you will hurry to book your flight.

When most people think about Oklahoma, they typically think about severe weather. Although it is possible for severe weather to occur in the Great Plains area, the eastern forests and small mountain ranges are not as likely to experience that issue. The state lies in what is known as a humid subtropical region and is actually a transition zone that is between the humid climate to the north, the arid climate to the West and the subtropical climate to the south. As a result of the differences in climate, the weather may vary from one location to another quite significantly.

It is thought that native people may have existed in Oklahoma during the last Ice Age and ancestors of the Caddo and Wichita Indians lived in the area as well. In the 1700s, French explorers laid claim to the area and that claim existed until 1803. At that time, the United States purchased the French territory west of the Mississippi River in the Louisiana purchase.

The state of Oklahoma still has strong ties to its Native American heritage, although their history does not always speak well for what was done to those peoples. The official language in Oklahoma is English and has been since 2010 but there are additional languages and dialects that are spoken, including “Oklahoma English.” Some of the traffic signs in the states are bilingual, including not only English but also Cherokee syllabary and Tahlequah.

If you’re planning on living in Oklahoma, it has a lot to offer. Some of the industries in the state include aircraft, natural gas and food production. The state has even been ranked as one of the most business friendly locations in the United States and the tax burden is the seventh lowest and has been since 2007.

Oklahoma may not be considered by many in favor of more popular states, such as Florida, California or New York. It still has much to offer and you may just find that a visit will lead to a much longer stay.

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