Four Great Restaurant Choices While Visiting Colorado Springs CO

It is back to Colorado Springs for another four of the best restaurants open and waiting for you. Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, and most any cuisine, Colorado Springs CO has you covered. I have highlighted several restaurants in the city so far, and it’s time to bring you four more great picks. Here they are, and at the end, I’m going to tell you which one I would recommend most of all.

First up is a place that is a little different being a brewing company and all. However, these places are often really neat to visit of course. This one is called Judge Baldwin’s Brewing Company, and it is located on South Cascade Avenue. They serve up kobe burgers, a southwest salad, cheesecake and more according to reviews. One reviewer calls it an Irish bar, and that makes it stand out a little, too. Judge Baldwin’s Brewing Company might just be a really good stop.

Bird Dog BBQ is another great stop, and it is located on Stetson Hills Boulevard. They serve up foods like brisket, peach cobbler, fried okra, hot links and more according to menu highlights. That all sounds so delicious, so honestly at this point, so far I have to say that Bird Dog BBQ is my favorite. But then there are still two restaurants to go.

This next one looks really good, too. It is called Bingo Burger, and it is located on North Tejon Street. This looks like a place to eat a unique gourmet burger. I don’t know which one to pick now. All three are good. Bingo Burger sure gives Bird Dog BBQ a run for its money at least. What are you thinking so far?

What I’m thinking is I want hot links, brisket, peach cobbler, fried okra and a Bingo Burger. So I still haven’t chosen, and we have own more restaurant. It is called Bonny and Read, and it is located on North Tejon Street. It is a seafood place that serves up swordfish, lobster rolls, an apple crisp and more.

All of that sounds great, especially the apple crisp, but I am still stuck on the second and third restaurants. I believe I would go for the Bingo Burger experience first. It really seemed like they had quite a few great choices, and so it sounds like a plan. Bird Dog BBQ would of course be the second stop.

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