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Everything You Need To Know About Oklahoma

Although a long time U.S. territory, Oklahoma didn’t become a state until 1907, making it the 46th state. Well known for its oil production and large Native American populations, the Sooner State, as it is nicknamed, has a unique identity even compared to many other states. The state of Oklahoma is right in the middle range as far as size and population, not sticking out on either account but not particularly small either. While its population is much more rural than urban, there are still two major cities of note with Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

While many people envision flatland in desert, the truth is that this is not nearly an accurate representation of everything the state has to offer...

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A Brief Overview Of Oklahoma

Oklahoma is one of the country’s richest sources of aviation, biotechnology, energy, and telecommunications. The state economy relies largely upon the production of these, and they also have a lot of resources for natural gas, agriculture, and oil. Of course, Oklahoma is immensely well-known for its scenic qualities. There are a lot of great views to take in, and even the local citizens rarely manage to grow tired of them. Adding to the natural beauty are a wealth of mountain ranges, mesas, forests, and prairies. These features are largely thanks to Oklahoma’s location within the Great Plains and the United States Interior Highlands.

The downside of course is that the weather can get a bit rough. That means high winds, large sheets of rain, and potential tornadoes...

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